Statement of Purpose

The purposes of LACA as defined and specified in the By-Laws:

  1. To improve, promote, professionalize and publicize animal control while promoting justice and equity in the enforcement of animal control laws. 
  2. To advance the health, morale, welfare, training and knowledge of animal control employees, associations, agencies or entities, while providing communication and educational opportunities. 
  3. To promote unity and efficiency among employees in animal control and uniformity of methods and practices regarding enforcement of laws pertaining to animals and animal control programs. 
  4. To enhance and improve the image of all aspects of animal control. 
  5. To assist and appear before legislative bodies for the purpose of giving professional opinions regarding existing and proposed legislation pertaining to animal control issues and functions. 
  6. To communicate with other existing entities on a national and international basis and expose our members to new ideas, philosophies and agendas.